Le Mot de La Semaine – “Red flags, International Arbitration and the Proof for Allegations of corruption.” video and article in partnership with “Le Club des Juristes”, with Martin Pradel and Gaëlle Filhol.

11 September 2019

Le Parisien – Modern slavery: three years in prison requested for former Burundi minister

9 September 2019

International Academy for Arbitration Law – Berthold Goldman Lecture

9 July 2019

Juris Run – BETTO SERAGLINI for international Justice supports 10th edition of the “Juris Run”

16 June 2019

Fond de Dotation – Presentation of the latest projects supported by BETTO SERAGLINI for International Justice : Forum réfugiés-Cosi, Grandir Dignement, Délégués pour la paix, Alliance ADH, Défense de la Défense en Turquie.

15 May 2019

YIAG – Alexandre Reynaud moderated a panel during YIAG Tylney Hall Symposium of 10 May 2019

10 May 2019

Le Mot de La Semaine – “Extradition – The European arrest warrant post Brexit” in the Semaine Juridique, video and article in partnership with Le Club des Juristes, with Martin Pradel.

15 April 2019

Vis Moot – Alexandre Reynaud coached the French team of the EFB to the 26th Annual Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot in Vienna

13 April 2019

PAW – 4th International Arbitration Boutiques Meeting hosted by ARBLIT and BETTO SERAGLINI in Paris

3 April 2019

ICC YAF – Interim Measures and Security for Costs in International Arbitration, Vilnius, Lithuania, with Julien Fouret.

29 March 2019

ECPM – Fonds de dotation Betto Seraglini for International Justice at the 7th World Congress against the death penalty

28 February 2019

Barreau Entrepreneurial « Vos atouts pour l’international : premières règles et conseils pour engager votre activité à l’international”, conference with Luiza Saldanha Pena Costa

21 February 2019