ArbitralWomen – How the Prague Rules may be introduced into cases?, with Gaëlle Filhol

20 February 2019

CFA – “The judge review of the lack of infringement to public order: past, present, future”, with Christophe Seraglini

14 February 2019

ICC – 34th Annual ICC SIA QMC Joint Symposium of Arbitrators: “Grounds for revising an award: procedural fraud”, with Christophe Seraglini

14 February 2019

El Club Español del Arbitraje and the Comité Français de l’Arbitrage – Round Table: «France and Spain query Prague’s rules», with Gaëlle Le Quillec

8 February 2019

Global Arbitration Review – EU court adviser endorses ISDS in CETA, with Julien Fouret

29 January 2019

Centre Français de Droit Comparé – Round Table: “The annulment of an arbitral award”, with Christophe Seraglini

29 January 2019

ICC YAF – Regional Conference in Cairo: Middle East, North Africa & Turkey, with Alexandre Reynaud

20 December 2018

Décideurs – Top 50 Best Business Lawyers 2018, with Jean-Georges Betto

13 December 2018

ICC YAF – Conference in Milan on Human Rights in International Arbitration, with William Brillat-Capello

11 December 2018

26th Croatian Arbitration Days – Dispute Adjudication, with Gaëlle Filhol

6 December 2018

ICC YAF / YCAP – Conference in Zagreb on the Art of Advocacy in International Arbitration, with Gaëlle Filhol

5 December 2018

CMAP – Debate on Investment Arbitration and Mediation, with Julien Fouret

29 November 2018