BETTO PERBEN assists its clients in disputes relating to all manner of corporate issues. The firm’s members act in disputes between shareholders, directors’ liability disputes, post-M&A litigation (liability, sellers’ guarantees) or implementation of shareholders’ agreements. 


Arbitration between :

  • investors in a substantial telecommunications operation in Brazil (amount in dispute: 15 billion dollars, Brazilian law, ICC, seat in Paris, English language).

Litigation regarding:

  • an arbitral award issued in a dispute relating to a mandate to sell a foreign group (amount in dispute: 403 million euros, French law, Paris Court of Appeal).
  •  the liability of an investment fund (minority shareholders and members of the Board of Directors, amount in dispute: 10 million euros, Commercial Court and Court of Appeal).
  • the performance of a seller’s guarantee following the withdrawal of the majority shareholder (amount in dispute: 2.5 million euros, Commercial Court).
  • Assistance to a Board of Directors regarding the management of various class actions filed before foreign courts.

Litigation between:

  • two shareholders of a company regarding cash flow management and the payment of civil engineering works (amount in dispute: 30 million euros, Commercial Court and Court of Appeal).
  • shareholders regarding the performance of statutory withdrawal and exclusion clauses (Commercial Court).Internal procedural audits (powers of attorney, authorisation procedures, etc.) within a large group in the service industry.