Whitecollar defense and investigations

BETTO PERBEN frequently appears before the criminal courts, particularly the specialized courts, to represent and defend companies and their directors, defendants or victims. The firm combines real experience in the criminal field with in-depth knowledge of business life.

Experienced in sensitive cases with high reputational stakes, the firm’s team has in-depth expertise in criminal business law, whatever the sector of activity, particularly in four areas: economic and financial offenses, breaches of the duty of probity, fraud and similar crimes, as well as criminal labor law.

BETTO PERBEN assists companies, managers, politicians, diplomats, and foreign government officials in the management of cross-border litigation with a significant international criminal component.

Our team also assists clients in risk prevention, investigations, and defense against allegations of corruption, money laundering, violation of international financial sanctions, abuse of corporate assets, and espionage.

We act before French and foreign courts, in French and English.



  • Defense of the executives of a gas group indicted for manslaughter.
  • Defense of the company indicted for manslaughter following asbestos-related deaths.
  • Defense of the manager of a construction company prosecuted for receiving stolen goods in the award of a public contract.
  • Defense of the wife of a public decision-maker accused of influence peddling.
  • Counsel to a State in the context of legal proceedings related to the “Biens mal acquis” case.
  • Defense of a North American group and its director accused of private corruption intended to facilitate the obtaining of public contracts.
  • Defense of an Eastern European businessman who is the target of a European arrest warrant in a case of tax fraud and misappropriation of public funds.
  • Defense of a diplomat, prosecuted in Germany, France and Belgium, for espionage and terrorism.
  • Defense of a major French industrial group victim of espionage by a foreign state entity.
  • Defense of a Saudi Arabian businessman suspected of being involved in the alleged illicit financing of an electoral campaign and indicted for misappropriation of public funds and corruption of a foreign public official.
  • Defense of a banking institution and bank executives accused of breach of trust and violations of banking legislation in the context of the so-called “subprime” crisis.
  • Defense of ethics correspondents of the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) prosecuted under anti-corruption and prevention legislation.
  • Defense of insurance agents and brokers in cases involving violations of legislation against corruption and fraud.
  • Counsel for the defense of a former Minister of Finance of a Central African country, prosecuted for misappropriation of public funds.
  • Defense of a French businessman prosecuted for misuse of corporate assets, forgery and illegal practice of a regulated profession.
  • Defense of the Conseil National des Barreaux, plaintiff in cases of illegal practice of the legal profession.
  • Defense of a French company and its directors, prosecuted in France and in the Republic of Congo for misuse of corporate assets, forgery and “criminal conspiracy”, in the context of an arbitration procedure.
  • Defense of the General Manager of a training establishment prosecuted by the DGCCRF for deceptive and aggressive commercial practices.
  • Defense of a German company victim of industrial espionage by a competing French company.
  • Defense of a Spanish company victim of fraud in the context of the acquisition of a racing ship.
  • Defense of a Belgian businessman sued for counterfeiting.
  • Defense of a senior executive of a French telecommunications company, prosecuted in Africa for embezzlement, influence peddling and misuse of corporate assets.
  • Defense of a French journalist, prosecuted in Turkey for acts of terrorism.
  • Defense of a Tunisian company director prosecuted in Turkey for acts qualified as financing of terrorism.