International whitecollar defense and investigations

BETTO PERBEN FILHOL represents its clients in the fields of white-collar crime, compliance, investigations and human rights. Our team works for several companies, businessmen, politicians, diplomats and foreign State-Agents, in a wide range of highly sensitive trials with extensive media exposure. 

Our team also defends its clients against charges of corruption, money laundering, violation of international financial sanctions, misappropriation of public funds or corporate assets, and industrial espionage. We also provide legal advice with regards to Risk mitigation. We act before French and foreign Courts, pleading in both French and English.


White-collar crimes

  • Defended a European businessman, pursued under a European arrest warrant for tax fraud charges and misuse of public funds.  
  • Defended a diplomat, facing charges in France, Belgium and Germany for alleged espionage and terrorism.
  • Defended a major French industrial group that undergone industrial espionage conducted by a foreign State.
  • Defended a Saudi businessman allegedly involved in the illicit financing of an electoral campaign, and accused of misappropriation of public funds and bribery of foreign public official.
  • Defended a banking institution and bank officers charged for breach of trust and infringements of the banking legislation, in the context of the subprime crisis.
  • Defended the Ethics Officers in the French Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) prosecuted regarding the establishment of the Anti-corruption legislation.
  • Defended insurance agents and brokers facing charges for several breaches to the Fraud and Corruption legislation.  
  • Represented the heirs of a former African President, in their challenge of seizures made to their detriment, in the context of criminal proceedings held against their father’s entourage, for misappropriation of public funds.
  • Advised a former Minister of Finances of a Central African State, facing charges for misappropriation of public funds.
  • Defended a French businessman sued for misappropriation of corporate assets and illegal practice of a regulated profession.
  • Represented the French National Council of Bars, acting as claimant in multiple cases concerning illegal practice of the Legal Profession.
  • Represented a French company and members of its Executive Committee prosecuted in France and in the Republic of Congo for misappropriation of public funds, forgery and criminal association, in an arbitration proceeding.
  • Defended the Chief Executive of a training institute, prosecuted by the DGCCRF for misleading and aggressive commercial practices.
  • Defended a German company, victim of industrial espionage perpetrated by a competing French company.
  • Defended a Spanish company suffering from fraud, in the context of the acquisition of a racing vessel.
  • Defended a Belgian businessman, facing forgery charges.
  • Defended the Executive Officer of a French Telecommunication company, prosecuted in Africa for misuse of public funds, corporate assets and influence peddling.
  • Defended a French journalist, detained and prosecuted in Turkey on terrorism-related charges.
  • Defended a Tunisian businessman, prosecuted in Turkey for allegedly financing terrorism.

Press Law

  • Defended both victims and defendants in cases of slander, breach of privacy, hate speech or ethnic slurs.  

Human Rights

  • Defended victims of crimes against humanity in the Republic of Guinea.
  • Defended lawyers around the world, prosecuted for the mere exercise of the Legal Profession.
  • Defended women victims of sexual violence in Tunisia.
  • Defended a blogger prosecuted in Tunisia for broadcasting cartoons representing Prophet Mohammed on the internet.
  • Judicial Observer during the trials of lawyers and journalists prosecuted by the Tunisian regime, before the Jasmine Revolution.
  • Special Adviser for the International Federation of Human Rights League (FIDH) in Tunisia, Guinea, Democratic Republic of Congo and Turkey.