Jean-Georges Betto


Jean-Georges Betto advises and represents clients in international arbitration cases. He has a broad range of experience in complex and sensitive international arbitration cases in the areas of defense, civil aeronautic, engineering and construction. He has served as counsel and arbitrator in arbitration cases conducted under most major institutional rules and works both in French and English.

Jean-Georges Betto is a Board member of the International Academy for Arbitration Law and speaks at international conferences. He chairs the Think-tank “Cabinets de croissance” and has chaired the French Arbitration Committee task force on International Construction. He is the former Secretary of the working group of the French Arbitration Committee reporting on the reform of the French Arbitration Act.

Jean-Georges Betto is listed in the major specialized rankings:

  • Best Lawyers 2021: International Arbitration (France), Arbitration and Mediation (France) & Aviation Law (France)
  • Jeune Afrique: Jean-Georges Betto is named in 2020 top 100 Business Lawyers in Africa 
  • Legal 500 EMEA 2020: “Jean-Georges Betto is brilliant and has very convincing skills. He demonstrates excellent oral abilities that make him a feared attorney from the other side. He has great strategic understanding of cases.”
  • Jeune Afrique: Jean-Georges Betto is named in 2019 top 50 Business Lawyers in Africa 
  • Chambers Global 2019: “Jean-Georges Betto is a ‘big figure in the Paris market,’ he is noted for his involvement in ‘African state-related disputes’.”
  • Expert Guides 2019: ranked in the “Leading Construction & Real Estate practitioners’ list for France”
  • Legal 500 EMEA 2019: Private Practice Powerlist: The leading Africa specialists
  • Top 50 Best Business Lawyers – Décideurs 2018: “Un nouveau succès pour cet avocat particulièrement discret sur les dossiers qu’il traite. Éthique et positionnement obligent.”
  • Décideurs 2018:
    “Leading” – Africa Desk – Arbitration & International Litigation
    “Excellent” – Litigation & Arbitration – International Arbitration – Mediation / Africa Desk – Oil, Gas, Mining, Natural Resources and Energy
  • Who’s Who Legal France: International Arbitration 2018: “Jean-Georges Betto stands out as ‘a very well- known and successful figure in the market’. He is recognised for his ‘excellent work’ and vast experience handling proceedings across a wide array of sectors including construction and energy.”
  • Jeune Afrique: Jean-Georges is in 2018 top 50 commercial lawyers in Africa
  • Chambers Global 2018: Jean-Georges Betto is “a very strategic thinker”.
  • Best Lawyers 2018: Lawyer of the Year – International Arbitration Paris
  • Who’s Who Legal France: International Arbitration 2017: “Jean-Georges Betto handles both domestic and international disputes. He has notable depth of expertise in construction cases, and additional experience in defence and construction matters.”
  • Chambers Global 2017: Jean-Georges Betto is “very well known”
  • Who’s Who Legal 2016: “Jean-Georges Betto is ‘highly in-demand’ due to his impressive depth of knowledge and expertise in a number of fields ranging from defence to the industrial and energy sectors. Sources laud his ‘dynamic and personable manner’ and his ‘impressive record in difficult cases’.”
  • Legal 500 EMEA 2016: “Jean-Georges has ‘great knowledge of the defence and aviation areas’.”
  • Legal 500 EMEA 2015: “Jean-Georges Betto is ‘a master tactician with an unparalleled eye for finding the points that really matter’.”
  • Who’s Who Legal 2015: “Jean-Georges Betto has expertise in the defence, aviation, engineering and construction, energy and reinsurance sectors and serves as counsel and arbitrator.”
  • Chambers Global 2015: “His experience covers complex and sensitive disputes in sectors such as construction, engineering and defence.”
  • Décideurs: Top 50 Best Business Lawyers 2014
  • Legal 500 Paris 2014:  “Jean-Georges Betto possède une réputation d’excellence méritée.
  • Chambers 2014: “Sources describe him as “a very talented lawyer.” He has particular expertise in construction, defence and aviation disputes.”
  • Legal 500 EMEA 2014: “‘always provides laser-sharp analyses’, and is ‘a brilliant tactician, shrewd advocate and engaging personae’.”
  • Chambers 2013: “His dynamic style continues to impress commentators, one of whom said: ‘He’s young and robust, and I am consistently impressed by him’.”
  • Legal 500 EMEA 2013: “has an excellent track record and is praised for his ‘excellent relationship skills’.”
  • Legal 500 EMEA 2012: “[…] often acting on the winning side, […]  Jean-Georges Betto, is “a creative, dynamic and cool-minded lawyer, recommended for difficult cases”[…] .”
  • Chambers 2012: “charming, tenacious and 100% committed. He is especially well known for his work in the defense, energy, construction and insurance sectors.”


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