Paroles d’Experts – “Discovery and Foreign Investigations: Enforcing the Blocking Statute”, by Raphaël Gauvain

23 March 2023

L’Opinion – « The French Legal Privilege », by Raphaël Gauvain

23 February 2023

Law360 – “Discovery and foreign investigations: enforcing the French blocking statute”, by Raphaël Gauvain

25 January 2023

L’Opinion – “Make our Law a tool of power”, by Raphaël Gauvain

18 October 2022

Nuit du Droit – Panel discussion “Extraterritoriality of law” with Raphaël Gauvain

4 October 2022

Nuit du Droit – Centres Educatifs Fermés (CEF) with Dominique Perben

4 October 2022

Telesud – TV show «Business climate» with Vivien Makaga Péa

27 September 2022

LJA – Raphaël Gauvain joins Betto Perben

15 July 2022

AAFC – “Achievements and challenges of international arbitration in the OHADA zone”, Interview given by Vivien Patrice Makaga Péa

16 February 2022

Lextenso – “Beg v. Italy, the European Court of Human Rights and the impartiality of arbitrators” by William Brillat-Capello

31 January 2022

SciencesPo – Recruitment of our future interns

21 January 2022

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Paris Pro Bono Week – With the Alliance des Avocats pour les Droits de l’Homme, Charlotte Mancini and Kenza Abzouz

27 November 2021