Paris Pro Bono Week – With the Alliance des Avocats pour les Droits de l’Homme, Charlotte Mancini and Kenza Abzouz

27 November 2021

Africa Intelligence – “The Ministers of Economy and Oil finally come to an agreement with Maurel & Prom”

15 November 2021

CIAN – Conference – “Great and small secrets of arbitration and mediation involving African States” with Me Perben, Betto and Péa

20 October 2021

SMART LEX – International arbitration – Interview with Gaëlle Filhol

29 September 2021

OHADA – Official communiqué – 12th edition of the competition « Génies en Herbe OHADA »

21 September 2021

BETTO PERBEN PRADEL FILHOL is a partner of the 12th International competition «Génies en Herbe OHADA» organized in N’Djamena

15 September 2021

ICC YAF – Conference “Trends in arbitration rule-making”, with William Brillat-Capello

29 July 2021

HuffPost – “Pegasus : comment contre-attaquer juridiquement face au cyber-espionnage ?”, by Martin Pradel

28 July 2021

Dominique Perben accompanied the President Macron to French Polynesia

27 July 2021

Le Mot de la Semaine – “When the arbitrator is confronted with international sanctions”, with Gaëlle Filhol and Alexandre Reynaud

19 July 2021

GAR 100 – BETTO PERBEN PRADEL FILHOL is ranked among the worldwide leading international arbitration practitioners

15 July 2021

Les Affiches Parisiennes – “Les avocats français à Beyrouth”, with Martin Pradel

13 July 2021