Gaëlle Filhol moderated the GAR Interactive Question Time: “The rise in requests for summary dismissal and what it means” organized by the Global Arbitration Review on the 2nd February 2021


Parties are in constant search for a faster resolution of their disputes. In-house counsel look for clear answers, but not necessarily full fledge awards to be enforced. What are the consequence for ADR providers? Is there a role to be played by others, such as Third Party Funders, arbitral institutions?
  • Do we need yet more arbitration rules to tackle speed in arbitration?
  • Are clients now more interested in a quick answer than perfect truth?
  • The pros and cons of summary proceedings, and what it may mean for arbitration long term
  • The increasing power of third party funders as arbiters of the strength of a case
  • What is the role of experts?

Link to the event: