BETTO PERBEN has a recognized practice for elected officials and public structures in matters of probity and criminal defense. Thanks to a perfect knowledge of public matters, the issues at stake, and the parties involved, the firm’s lawyers provide them with relevant legal, political, and operational responses.

In both the plaintiff’s and the defendant’s cases, the firm’s lawyers advise elected officials and public bodies on a daily basis, whether they are accused or victims in sensitive cases. The firm intervenes before the criminal courts as well as the regulatory authorities (AFA, HATVP), particularly in matters of breach of duty of probity, management of conflicts of interest, breach of honor and involuntary violence (Fauchon Law).

Following an alert or a public accusation, BETTO PERBEN is able to conduct investigations on behalf of elected officials. It also offers them training and prevention tools for better management of their criminal and reputational risks.


  • Defense of French parliamentarians accused of misappropriation of public funds and breach of trust;
  • Defense of a senior civil servant prosecuted for receiving stolen goods in the awarding of a public contract;
  • Defense of elected officials and agents accused of illegal taking of interest and favoritism;
  • Defense of an association of taxpayers and of elected officials of a community of communes on charges of illegal taking of interest and favoritism following the collapse of an association;
  • Defense of a mayor implicated following an accident;
  • Defense of the interests of elected officials who were the subject of a defamation campaign on the Internet;
  • Defense of a French parliamentarian following defamatory press articles;
  • Carrying out audits of criminal risks on behalf of public structures.