We build on competence and experience.

We bring true added value, based on the hundreds of matters handled by our members before the main arbitral institutions, French courts, or before ad hoc tribunals. To persuade, we rely on our detailed knowledge of our clients’ industrial sectors.


We are methodical and resolute.

We are building an independent firm based on an entrepreneurial spirit, which matches our vision of the legal profession, that of an advisor who is not afraid to handle sensitive, complex, or difficult cases. In such cases, we need to show perseverance and the absolute respect of the secrets with which we are entrusted.


We are united, and close to our clients.

Each member of the firm has been chosen not only on the basis of professional skills, but for his or her team spirit. Our team is deliberately compact and experienced. Our clients must know their lawyers, and our lawyers must know their files.


We know how to leave the well-trodden path.

The cases we handle deserve better than standard treatment. We will not exclude a course of action on the basis that it would be unusual, or too difficult to pursue.


We tell the truth, and keep our word.

Our clients know our view of the strengths and weaknesses of their case. The strategy to take is decided upon with the client, who makes a fully informed choice. Whatever the choice, we will defend our client’s case to the hilt, and will never abandon a client, or a case.


Our clients’ trust drives us to surpass ourselves.

The members of the firm work hard to show themselves worthy of their clients’ trust.