BETTO PERBEN frequently appears before criminal Courts, particularly specialized courts, to represent and defend companies and their legal representatives, acting as defendants or plaintiffs. The firm articulates its experience in the criminal law field with its in-depth knowledge of business life.

With its practice focused on sensitive cases with high reputational stakes, the firm’s team has sharp expertise in criminal business law, especially in economic and financial offenses, breaches of the duty of probity, fraud, and similar crimes, as well as criminal labor law.

BETTO PERBEN assists companies, managers, politicians, diplomats, and foreign government officials in the management of cross-border litigation showing a significant international criminal component. In this field, Raphaël Gauvain benefits from a significant experience regarding the application of the Blocking Statute.



  • Defended a major French industrial company victim of acts of espionage carried out by a foreign State entity;
  • Defended an investment fund against its legal representatives dismissed for fraud, bankruptcy, and abuse of corporate assets;
  • Defended a North-American company and its legal representative accused of private corruption in a public tender;
  • Defended a gas company indicted for manslaughter following asbestos-related deaths;
  • Defended a banking establishment victim of a credit card fraud network.